Welcome to Fredlancer

This website is purpose built to support development of WiFi LED control equipment and software.

The differentiation between the Fred controller and other WiFi LED controllers is individual pixel control versus pattern generation. No other open source or low cost controller makes it possible to manipulate individual pixels along a string. To achieve precise pixel control our first approach was JavaScript Object Notation.

Our second approach to individual addressable pixel manipulation is mqtt  (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). This approach lends itself perfectly to the scale model industry. It eliminates the need for expensive proprietary equipment and puts scale model builders in full control.

We need your financial support

So far this project has been financed entirely by Fred Edison with all progress made open source. This method of WiFi LED control is meant to be better, faster and significantly cheaper than anything else available today. Open source means not having problems with proprietary code that may not do exactly what you need it to.

If your business will benefit from using Fred controllers and software please consider helping with R&D.

Ways you can help

  1. Support Fred Edison and this project through Patreon.
  2. Use our affiliate links before shopping at Amazon, Ali Express or PCBway.
  3. Post and share videos of your Fred WiFi LED projects.
  4. Support Fred developers directly. They all use Patreon.
  5. Register here for a Fredster account and participate in R&D

Flashbulb Tech is working on mqtt LED control firmware. The most recent update demonstrates manual manipulation of individual pixels using CloudMQTT.

Future mqtt control updates will allow multiple pixels across multiple strings and controllers to be addressed with shared IDs. The update will allow scale model builders to adjust several LEDs with one command by addressing a specific ID. As examples, “Suite 1203, red” or “Penthouse, blue” would change the color of the any LEDs that share the same ID.

Waqar Hussain developed the JavaScript Object Notation version of the Fred Firmware and controller.(GitHub JSON)

Sourabh M created the Fred bV2 circuit board. If you are a developer in India and would like to work on this Fred Edison project please contact Sourabh for an assembled Fred bV2 sold near cost. Only available to developers within India.

Fred Edison had the original Idea that controlling LEDs using WiFi should not be difficult, slow or expensive.

It has been a challenge developing Fred to this point. We have two proof of concept approaches which we intend to continue developing.

Please register here to participate in development.